Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Angel's Advance Birthday Present :-)

Long time ago i admire and crave for movie board clapper..Aku tak tahu dalam bahasa melayu apa,haha.Syukurlah benda ini dihadiahkan oleh seorang adik,officemate yang terbaik for my advance birthday on October. This movie board clapper was ordered from Singapore but was imported from China. Once i'll received i so excited, i felt like a small kids, i jump in excitement. I dont know about other people,but for me this thing inspired me the most for my scriptwriting,it's a motivating tools for me to go further, stick with my passion and just make it happen. For other people is nothing,but for me,this movie board clapper once i saw it i felt like flying without wings and bring me to another stage which is can and improved me alots. Even this is not really real movie board clapper,its just more to real clock and digital.But its enough for me to have it at this moment.Thanks Francis for this advance birthday present :-).This movie board clapper bring me a lot of smiles for the whole of my life.

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